London Shopping

London is a fantastic place to shop, whether for the latest products or the most unique antiques! There are a number of areas that you'll want to know about if you're interested in taking advantage of London's great marketplaces.

Oxford Street
If you're looking for the best department stores, as well as the flagship shops of many major brands, Oxford Street is the place to go. This is London's busiest shopping street, and you can find clothes, shoes, jewelry and perfumes, as well as many other goods, along this thoroughfare. There are literally hundreds of stores, and it is located right in the center of London, easily accessible by public transportation.

Camden Town
Just north of central London are the beloved Camden Markets, a slightly offbeat shopping center where you can find vintage clothing, original jewelry, gifts, arts and crafts, household goods, antique furniture, and much more. The markets are based in actual old stables, which were once used to house horses that worked along the canal. Not only is there a plethora of interesting merchandise, but it's a beautiful area to spend the afternoon.

Notting Hill
Portobello Road Market is located in the Notting Hill district, west of central London. It is famous for antiques and second-hand clothing - the discerning fashionista can find unbeatable deals. Portobello has been going strong since the 18th century, and has been featured in many books and films, so it's fun to visit to see the local flavor. Best of all, just minutes away is the high-end shopping district of Westbourne Grove. Here you can find designer shops and fashion boutiques as well as luxury and specialty stores.

Covent Garden
A popular tourist destination is Covent Garden in the West End, where there are often open-air performances, and you can always enjoy a pint or a cappuccino in a local pub or cafe before walking around. There's the indoor market where you can find soaps, jewelry, souvenirs, and sweets, as well as dozens of little specialty shops in the neighborhood.

Kensington High Street
Another shopping district full of high-end and flagship stores is Kensington High Street in West London. Along with the shopping opportunities, this area is also known for Kensington Palace, the Kensington Roof Gardens, and for its Art Deco architecture.

These are just a few of the opportunities available - London is one of the best places to shop in Europe!