Getting Around London

Travelers in London have numerous options for getting around and visiting the local sights. Travel options include: Taxi, double decker bus, tube, rental cars and trains. Many tourists have explored these options to visit popular attractions in the area. Most popular attractions are conveniently located near a mode of public transportation.


Taxis are recommended for transport to and from the airport. Tourists with luggage will find that black taxis are more accommodating and faster than traveling by bus or by tube. Taxis are often more expensive than other forms of transportation. However, this mode of transportation is more direct. Inquire about the prices before making a final decision about the best mode of transportation in London.

Tube or Tram

This is one of the fastest and least expensive modes of transportation in London. There are nearly 12 tube lines that cover most areas of London. The pricing system for public transportation can be complicated. Oyster helps travelers make sense of the pricing structure. A stored value is on a card that can be redeemed for travel. This eliminates the need for paper tickets. The price is automatically deducted at the time of travel.

Double Decker Buses

Double decker buses are an easy way to travel around the London area and still receive a view of the city. This mode of transportation is usually inexpensive and accommodating for large groups. The buses can transport 80 or more passengers in most instances.

Rental Cars

Those who prefer direct modes of transport, privacy and immediacy may prefer a rental car. Rental cars allow travel on-demand without the significant planning or wait times involved. Most locals do not recommend driving. The parking situation is challenging, and traffic can be exhausting. Car hire taxes are exorbitant as well. Driving may detract from the overall experience in London. Fuel costs are also expensive.


London has several trains that service the metro and surrounding areas. The Eurostar is frequently used. This train connects to Brussels and Paris for passengers hoping to receive the full European vacation experience.

The Docklands Light Railway (DLR) is a dedicated railway line that is designed to transport passengers from East London to Beckton. This is an incredible way to travel in London. Many comment on the winding track that meanders around buildings and other obstructions in the tourist’s path. This railway has over 37 stations and is over 31 km long.